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In 3087 a massive earth quake rocked North American breaking of any piece of land not totally secured, causing the humans to leave the decimated land. Now in 4010 the defensive, aggressive, reactive, trained, emergency, response, or darter, lives across the land. Darters are not as they seem though. Being 4 foot tall cat, human hybrids, that have bangs. Looking more like cats then anything there powers come in when there naming ceremony ends. Moonglow a young sassy darter, living in the space tribe, doesn't know what to think when she suddenly gets kidnapped along with some very surprising characters. Will Moonglow escape the lab in time too save the ones she loves, or will her Fallen Spirit come and redeem the worlds former stature. STATUS: HIATUS

November 27th, 2010, 2:08 pm


Well people Fallen Spirit Prologue... Hmmmm. Most of the pages look like dirt and suck, Plus you really won't know whats going on. I must just leave it on my Da. Hmmmm

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